Are engagement sessions outdated? It's a question that can come to your mind when you inquire about it with a photographer . If someone you know thinks they are, then they haven't discovered SassI Photo yet. Stick around, and I'll rely on you to convince them why engagement sessions are far from a thing of the past."

So, the question is, are they outdated, or are they an opportunity to celebrate the day you fell for each other and a chance to create lasting memories? Let's explore why, at SassI Photo, we love helping you cherish these fresh moments of your love and etch your love story on the wall of eternity."

   The first reason why engagement sessions matter is that they act as the best hyperloop station, transporting your love from the day of engagement to the everless destination. It frames your vision. Every couple has one, but not all know it well. Engagement sessions help you discover who you are, plan for the future, and forge a togetherness that lasts a lifetime."

Reason number two is to set expectations and build the right connection with your photographer. At SassI Photo, we go beyond photography; we want our clients to be our best friends. Building relationships is our forte, ensuring you look your best, melting stress away, and making you enjoy every moment of your engagement and wedding."

And reason three? To capture the journey of your ring traveling from the right hand to the left. Our promise at SassI Photo is to cherish your love story, giving it eternal life. Whether you view your gallery a day after receiving it or a decade after having your last child, the feeling remains unchanged.

so the answer is engagement sessions are not outdated. they are actually worth the time and effort you put in . That's what SassI Photo stands for. We believe that you are our valuable clients, and we can't offer anything less. 

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