The story of a photographer

Introducing The "Sassi" Two, passionate brothers and wedding photographers from Columbus, Ohio. With an Artistic, Elegant Style, we capture the Essence of your special day through stunning wedding photos and memorable experience.

Our vision is simple yet powerful - to tell stories. We want each wedding photo to be a thread that weaves together a meaningful tale of their wedding day. With every click of the shutter, we hope to seize stories with profound and impactful creativity. We want your wedding photos and pictures to be a timeless treasure, not just for you but for their future generations to cherish. It's about creating a connection, an intimacy, that binds their love forever through perfect wedding photo poses.

So, let's embark on this journey together, and let us capture the beauty, the love, and the magic in your wedding photos and wedding pictures that are uniquely yours.

Included in every wedding package:

- Energetic and skilled photography squad.

- Uninterrupted coverage from start to finish on your wedding day.

- Professional guidance on timelines and collaborative planning sessions.

- All features, including printing rights, secure online gallery, and artistically tailored editing.

- Photography packages also offer a complimentary Engagement Session & Engagement Design Consultation.