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Package 1: Standard


Aspect 1: Comprehensive Coverage

Our Standard Package provides you with comprehensive coverage of your wedding day, ensuring that no precious moment is missed. From the ceremony to the reception, we'll be there to capture every emotion and detail.

Aspect 2: Professional Photographer

You'll have the expertise of a skilled professional photographer dedicated to capturing the essence of your special day. Their keen eye and artistic approach will ensure that your memories are transformed into stunning visuals.

Aspect 3: Up to 8 Hours of Coverage

Enjoy up to 8 hours of photography coverage, giving you the flexibility to document the most significant parts of your wedding day. We'll work with you to create a timeline that perfectly aligns with your vision.

Aspect 4: Digital Copies of Your Photos

Receive high-quality digital copies of all the photos taken during the coverage. These images will allow you to relive your wedding day, share with loved ones, and cherish the memories forever.

Aspect 5: Simplicity and Elegance

Our Standard Package is all about capturing the elegance and simplicity of your wedding day. It's a perfect choice for those who appreciate the beauty of the moment without any distractions.


With our Standard Package, you'll receive a timeless collection of images that encapsulate the essence of your wedding day. Our professional photographer will be dedicated to preserving your cherished moments, allowing you to relive them for years to come. This package offers a blend of professionalism and simplicity, ensuring that your memories are captured with an artistic touch.

Package 2: Deluxe


Aspect 1: Elevated Experience

The Deluxe Package takes your wedding experience to the next level. It offers a comprehensive package that covers every aspect of your special day, ensuring that you have the perfect visual story.

Aspect 2: Two Photographers

With a professional photographer and a second shooter, we'll capture every angle and emotion. This dynamic duo ensures that no moment goes unnoticed, providing a complete view of your wedding day.

Aspect 3: Complimentary Engagement Session

Your love story deserves to be told from beginning to end. Enjoy a complimentary engagement session that captures the essence of your relationship and adds a personal touch to your visual narrative.

Aspect 4: Up to 10 Hours of Coverage

You'll have up to 10 hours of coverage, allowing us to document not only the main events but also those intimate, candid moments that make your day unique.

Aspect 5: Luxury Wedding Album

Receive a beautifully crafted luxury wedding album that showcases the highlights of your wedding day. This tangible keepsake will become a cherished heirloom for generations to come.

Take away:

Elevate your wedding experience with our Deluxe Package. With two photographers capturing every detail and emotion, an engagement session that tells your love story, and a luxury wedding album to treasure forever, this package ensures that every aspect of your day is documented with care and artistry.

Package 3: Destination

From $3500

Aspect 1: Immersive Coverage

The Destination Package is designed for couples seeking a captivating visual story for their destination wedding. We'll be there to capture every moment of your special day, no matter where it takes place.

Aspect 2: Up to 12 Hours of Coverage

You'll have up to 12 hours of coverage, giving us ample time to document not only the ceremony and reception but also the pre-wedding excitement and post-celebration joy.

Aspect 3: Complimentary Engagement Session

Capture the essence of your relationship in a stunning location with a complimentary engagement session. This session adds a layer of depth to your visual narrative.

Aspect 4: Luxury Wedding Album

Receive a meticulously crafted luxury wedding album that transports you back to the beauty of your destination wedding, preserving the memories for a lifetime.

Take away:

Embark on a visual journey with our Destination Package, tailored for couples who are ready to celebrate their love in a unique location. With inclusive coverage, travel arrangements, and a luxury wedding album, this package ensures that your destination wedding memories are captured in the most captivating and heartfelt way.

Final Thoughts:

Each of our packages is designed to cater to different preferences and needs. Whether you're looking for elegance and simplicity, an elevated experience, or destination wedding coverage, our commitment to capturing your special moments with an artistic touch remains unwavering. Let us be a part of your journey and turn your love story into an unforgettable visual masterpiece. Book with us to ensure that your cherished memories are preserved with care, creativity, and elegance.